Sunday, May 24, 2009


I just realized that I left out a possible weekend, July 30th - August 1st. I know it's a little late, but I'm going to toss it into the mix so please let me know if this is a possibility for your family.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Final Update on Location and Date

At this point we have 55 families who have expressed interest in a Toukoul Adoptive Families Reunion. 47 of those families are blog participants and 8 have not yet accepted their blog invitations.

I'm still searching for Toukoul families who may be interested in participating in TAFRU, so please continue to spread the word.

Oregon is still in the lead for location; Central U.S. in 2nd and the E Coast and Washington are now tied for 3rd.

June 25th - 27th, August 6th - 8th and August 13th - 15th are in a 3 way tie for date right now.

So far, I've only received comments and/or emails from 17 blog participants giving me their choices for location(s) and date(s). Since we have 47 participants right now (48 counting me), there are 31 of you who have not yet given me your input. The location and date of TAFRU is going to be decided based on what the majority of families want, so please take a minute to leave a comment or send me an email with your opinion. It's okay to have more than one choice of location and/or date. Also, if you are willing to travel anywhere for for the reunion, please let me know that as well.

Last of all, if you would like to have your blog added to the sidebar so your fellow TAFRU families can 'get to know you,' please let me know. I know I've enjoyed reading the blogs and feel like I'm getting to know everyone a little better.

I hope everyone has a safe and glorious Memorial Day weekend!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Keeping Up On the Updates

In an effort to do a better job of keeping everyone updated, here are the latest and greatest stats:

We now have 43 reunion blog participants and 10 people who have requested, but not yet accepted invites to the blog.

Oregon is still in the lead for location, however, the Central U.S. has now taken over the 2nd place position.

June 25-27, August 6-8 and August 13-15 are all tied for the reunion date.

Again, if you have not yet left a comment with your choice for location and/or date, please do so. This reunion is for all Toukoul families and I want everyone to have a voice in as much of the planning process as possible.


Friday, May 8, 2009


Currently, there are 42 blog participants and 6 who have asked to join the blog, but not yet accepted the invitation.

In the lead for location is Oregon with the East Coast and Central U.S. tied for 2nd.

August 6th-8th and 13th-15th are currently tied for the reunion date with June 25th-27th in 2nd.

Because I am still receiving requests from folks to join the blog, I want to continue taking requests until May 31st. If you have not yet left a comment with your choice for location or date, please do so. It's okay to choose more than one location and more than one date.

Date choices are . . . . .

June 25 - 27
July 9 - 11
July 16-18
July 23-25
Aug 6-8
Aug 13-15

These are all 2010 dates.

Unless there is a clear winner for location and date, I will set up a poll on June 1st and ask everyone to vote on their choice for location and date. My goal is to have the location and date pinned down by the middle of June so more definitive reunion plans can begin.

Thanks for participating!!!!!