Tuesday, September 10, 2013


TAFRU 2014 - Disney World has been changed

It is now

 TAFRU 2014 - Disneyland 
The TAFRU planning committee members have dedicated a lot of time and energy into planning this event each year.  Because most of the committee members have family commitments over the next year that is pulling them away from planning and possibly attending TAFRU, we had to look at other options.  As a result, we felt it best to move the venue to a location nearer to committee members that could dedicate their time to TAFRU 2014.  Since TAFRU 2014 - Disney World was already underway and the Disneyland location would be much easier to plan, the decision was made to change the location from Florida to California.
To those who are unhappy with the change of venue, we sincerely apologize and hope to plan a future reunion at Disney World. 
We appreciate your understanding and will work hard to make TAFRU 2014 - Disneyland a truly memorable and magical event.

Friday, August 23, 2013

TAFRU 2014 - Disney World

Yes, the TAFRU planning committee has been working on arrangements for TAFRU 2014 - Disney World and are very excited about the plans.  Accommodations will be at one of the Disney World  Resorts and once the agreement has been received and signed, that information will be announced so families can begin making reservations.

Another big change to TAFRU 2014 are the dates.  Instead of a weekend event, we are extending TAFRU 2014 for an entire week.  While we would love to have families stay and participate all week, we realize this isn't feasible for most.  However, by making this a week long reunion, our hope is that more families will be able to attend at some point during the week.

The goal for TAFRU 2014 is a smaller agenda and a more relaxed event that allows families to gather in a fun location.  It's a wonderful opportunity to socialize and get to know each other in person instead of via Facebook or adoption forums.  Most of all, it will provide our children the chance to spend time together and build friendships with each other.

Please mark your calendars for June 27th - July 5th, 2014 and check back regularly for more details on TAFRU 2014 - Disney World.  You can also click on "Join this site" in the right hand column to receive updates.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's New for TAFRU

Thanks again to all who participated in the TAFRU 2014 Cruise poll.  The planning committee was happy to see that there was interest in doing something a little different next year.  Unfortunately, to get the benefit of a group cruise, we need a minimum of 8 staterooms.  With only 6 votes for the winning cruise, it doesn't appear we will have enough participation to move forward with a group cruise at this time. 

Having skipped TAFRU 2013, we are committed to making sure that TAFRU 2014 happens.

While no definite plans have been made, we are working very hard on a reunion that we think families will be very excited about attending. 

Details will be posted once we have everything confirmed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make TAFRU 2014 a fun and memorable event for all.



Monday, July 29, 2013


Thank you to those who participated in the poll to select the winning cruise.

And the winner is . . . . . .

Royal Caribbean 7-Night Alaska Sawyer Glacier Cruise

The planning committee will be working with the cruise lines and details will be posted here, so stay tuned.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Only Two More Days to Cast Your Vote

We had some good participation in the poll that gave us the top 4 cruise choices.  Now we ask that you please participate in the final poll to assist in selecting the cruise for TAFRU 2014.

Even if your family isn't sure you'll be able to cruise next year, we ask that you still participate in the selection process to help determine which cruise is of most interest.

You can read more information about each of the cruises here.

You can read more about each of the cruise lines here.

Thanks to all for your participation as we make plans for TAFRU 2014.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Top 4 Cruises

Thank you for participating in our "Where Do You Want to Cruise" poll. 

Your votes provided us with the Top 4 Cruise choices and now we are asking you to place your vote in one last poll to select the winning cruise.

The Top 4 Cruises are listed below.  To review the cruise details, click on the links and then go to the "Top 4 Cruises" poll in the right hand column and make your selection for the TAFRU 2014 Cruise. 

The poll will be open this week only and the winning cruise will be announced next Sunday, July 28th.

Norwegian Cruise Lines 3-Night Bahamas Cruise
June 20th - 24th
$349 - $989
Royal Caribbean 4-Night Western Caribbean
June 19th - 23rd
$439 - $969
Royal Caribbean 5-Night Western Caribbean
June 28th - July 3rd
$549 - $1169
Royal Caribbean 7-Night Alaska Sawyer Glacier Cruise
June 20th - 27th
$809 - $2099


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where Do You Want to Cruise?

The planning committee has been busy gathering information and looking at cruise options for the last few weeks.  We have narrowed down our choices and would like to now present all the information to you so you can help choose our TAFRU 2014 Cruise.

Our two choices of cruise lines are Royal Caribbean and Norwegian.  Our reasons for selecting cruises from these two lines were simple - committee members have cruised with them before and have had enjoyable experiences.  In addition, they have prices more reasonable than some other cruise lines and we wanted to keep costs down as much as possible in each cruise category.

This post will provide you information regarding group services on the two cruise lines and a choice of 8 different cruises along with links to the cruise information.  After looking thru all the information, please participate in the poll on the right hand side of the page.  The poll is broken up into 2 separate polls (4 each).  You can choose up to 3 cruises total between the 2 polls.  Please vote no later than July 20th.

If anyone has any questions or would like to leave a comment, please click on Comments in the gray area at the end of this post.  We will be checking comments on a regular basis and will respond.

So, let's sail right along with the information now!!!


 - For every 8 staterooms booked, the 16th passenger price will be credited back to our group.
 - 7 Day cruises require a $250 deposit per passenger
 - Cruises shorter than 7 days require a $100 deposit per passenger
 - Reservations must be made 120 days prior to sailing
 - Final cruise payment on 7 day cruises are due within 75 days prior to sailing
 - Final cruise payment on cruises under 7 days are due within 60 days prior to final payment
 - Until final cruise payment is due, passengers can make payments in any amount or make no additional payments at all until the final due date

To get more information about programs and services on Norwegian Cruise Lines, click here.

Royal Caribbean

 - For every 8 staterooms booked, the group will receive a credit for the price of 1 passenger
 - Cruises 1-5 days in length require a $200 deposit
 - Cruises 6 days or longer require a $500 deposit
 - To lock in the price, reservations must be made within 30 days of the group being set up
 - A full refund will be given to any passenger that cancels prior to the final payment being made
 - Discounts are given to the 3rd and 4th passenger in a stateroom
 - Final payment is due 69-75 days prior to sailing

To get more information about programs and services on Royal Caribbean, click here.

Cruise Choices

Following are 2 choices each of 3-Night, 4-Night, 5-Night and 7-Night Cruises, including the cruise dates, price range and a link to the website to view all details about the cruise. 
**Please note, the two 5-Night Western Caribbean Cruises sail to different destinations.  Please click on the link to see details.

Norwegian Cruise Lines 3-Night Bahamas Cruise 
June 20th - 24th
$349 - $989

Royal Caribbean 3-Night Bahamas Cruise
June 20th - 24th
$369 - $759

Royal Caribbean 4-Night Western Caribbean
June 19th - 23rd
$439 - $969

Royal Caribbean 4-Night Bahamas Cruise
June 23rd - 27th
$449 - $929

Royal Caribbean 5-Night Western Caribbean
June 23rd - 28th
$549 - $1169

Royal Caribbean 5-Night Western Caribbean
June 28th - July 3rd
$549 - $1169

Norwegian Cruise Lines 7-Night Bermuda Cruise
June 22nd - 29th
$1179 - $3249

Royal Caribbean 7-Night Alaska Sawyer Glacier Cruise
June 20th - 27th
$809 - $2099

We hope to have everything set up by next month so everyone who wants to sail along at TAFRU 2014 will have plenty of time to plan.

Please vote now.