Tuesday, September 10, 2013


TAFRU 2014 - Disney World has been changed

It is now

 TAFRU 2014 - Disneyland 
The TAFRU planning committee members have dedicated a lot of time and energy into planning this event each year.  Because most of the committee members have family commitments over the next year that is pulling them away from planning and possibly attending TAFRU, we had to look at other options.  As a result, we felt it best to move the venue to a location nearer to committee members that could dedicate their time to TAFRU 2014.  Since TAFRU 2014 - Disney World was already underway and the Disneyland location would be much easier to plan, the decision was made to change the location from Florida to California.
To those who are unhappy with the change of venue, we sincerely apologize and hope to plan a future reunion at Disney World. 
We appreciate your understanding and will work hard to make TAFRU 2014 - Disneyland a truly memorable and magical event.

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