Monday, February 22, 2010

Reunion Plans

Although we haven't yet decided on exact locations for everything and don't have a completed agenda yet, I thought I'd share what we have planned for TAFRU.

Friday evening we will have a Meet-n-Greet. This will include food and drink for everyone in attendance.

Saturday morning - Breakfast with the agency representatives

Saturday morning/afternoon - Trip to the Oregon Zoo

Saturday evening - Ethiopian dinner

Sunday noon - Farewell lunch at a local park

We are also working on a hair and skin care class and/or Ethiopian cooking class for Saturday afternoon.

Our goal is to provide everyone ample opportunity to spend time with each other in fun and informal settings and to also provide some educational opportunities as well.

Also, we are looking into making t-shirts available for those participating in TAFRU this year. If we are able to come up with a TAFRU logo and can get a good price on t-shirts, we will provide the information at registration and ask that they be worn during the zoo trip on Saturday. Purchase will, however, be optional.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Updates and Info

I allowed the blog polls to go ahead and close, however, we are still collecting attendance information. Please feel free to leave a comment here or you can provide information to us on our Facebook page. If you haven't joined us on Facebook, click here.

So far we have 25 families planning to attend TAFRU and another 9 who may be attending. We would love to see that number grow, so please spread the word to other Toukoul families you know.

The planning committee is still working out the details for the reunion and hope to have some definite plans in place and the information posted here by the end of February. Our goal is to make this reunion as fun and informative as possible for everyone.

Now for some good news from our Toukoul families!

Jes and Mel have their Embassy date later this week. Unfortunately, they've hit some possible delays in getting back to Germany, but hopefully everything will work itself out quickly. (This is a private blog, but you can email Mel for an invite. Email address is next to the blog link in the right hand column.)

If you haven't visited Bushel and a Peck, please do so. This is one of our Toukoul families who have been waiting 4 years to complete their China adoption and they just returned home with a beautiful baby girl. Be sure to congratulate them.

The Theis family returned home earlier this month with their adorable little guy. (Another private blog, but you can email Jennifer for an invite. Email address listed next to the blog link in the right hand column.)

Also, check out Journey to Oliver. The Chambers family also traveled earlier this month and brought home their cutie patootie as well.

The Redick family is also home with their cute little guy. (Please email Kellyann for an invite to view the blog. Email address is next to the blog link in the right hand column.)

Check out Highchair Theology to see some pictures of a very cute little addition to the family.

And last, but not least my very own growing family is leaving in less than a month to bring home our baby girl. You can check us out at World of Weeks. (Email me for an invite to view the blog. Email address is next to the blog link in the right hand column.)

As always, if anyone else has good news to share, please leave a comment so we can celebrate with you.

Also, if anyone else has a blog that they would like to add to the blog list, please leave the blog address in the comments section and we'll get it added.